Mira Matte
Natural Stone Color Enhancer


• Flamed Granite
• Tumbled Marble
• Cleft Faced Slate
• Textured Cast Stone
• Flamed Limestone
• Textured Natural Stone

Mira Matte is a unique product designed to enhance the natural color of all flamed, sandblasted, split faced, tumbled and textured surfaces. When used with one of our penetrating sealers, Mira Matte seals and protects while leaving a beautiful, low maintenance, color enhanced satin sheen. Mira Matte allows vapor to escape while offering a scuff and weather resistant surface. Mira Matte is U.V. transparent, will not yellow and can be used on both interior and exterior applications.

• Interior & Exterior
• Easy to Use
• U.V. Transparent
• Non-Yellowing
• Weather Resistant
• Superior Coverage
Coverage: 100 - 200 square feet per Quart (4.5 - 18 square meters per 3.785 liters).
Container sizes: Quart..

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511 Seal & Enhance
One-Step Sealer & Enhancer

Ready to Use Solvent Base Impregnator/Color Enhancer For:

• Granite
• Limestone
• Not for Concrete/Masonry
• Marble
• Ceramic Tile
• Polished Stone
• Natural Stone
• Quarry Tile
• Slate
• Grout
511 Seal & Enhance Is a unique, solvent-base formula designed to eliminate the need to use an impregnator before using a color enhancer for maximum stain protection and superior color enhancement. 511 Seal & Enhance is safe for use on granite, marble, limestone, natural stone, slate, ceramic tile, quarry tile, grout, concrete and masonry surfaces. 511 Seal & Enhance will enhance the color and rejuvenate the appearance of tumbled, honed, acid-washed, sandblasted, flamed, textured, even polished stone and tile surfaces. In addition, 511 Seal & Enhance revitalizes old and worn stone and tile installations. It can be used successfully in both interior and exterior environments and is freeze/thaw resistant.
• Superior Stain Protection
• Interior/Exterior
• One Step
• Oil Resistant
• Water Repellant
• Will Not Yellow
• Enhances Color
• Grout Release
• Easy To Use
• Lasts 3 - 5 Years
• Good for Floors
Coverage: Approximately 250 - 4,000 square feet per gallon (25 - 400 square meters per 3.785 liters).
Container sizes: Contractor Pak, quart, pint .
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