Would you like to become a designer for a day?

Book appointment for complementary consultation. We provide advice for novices and connoisseurs of fine stone and porcelain tiles. Our staff can provide you with abundant information about various product options, their applications and installation as well as design tips tailored to your space and budget.

Are you a designer or home owner looking for an inspiration and new products and ideas?

Spend time with our consultants and you will get access to many new products and possibilities. With over 15 years of market presence we developed a network of suppliers and abundance of sources for innovative as well as for traditional products. We offer facilities for you to meet with your client and assistance to make your meeting as effective as possible.


Is your project larger than life?

If you are a builder working with a rigid budget and large spaces, you may find in our showroom extensive selection of products many of which are exclusive to Antica. You are encouraged to take advantage of expertise of our staff to help with product sourcing and selection.

Looking for a Space to call your own ....